Create an Excellent Promotional Poster for Dinner & Dance Event

Poster plays a vital role to create the awareness and impression of any Dinner & Dance event. Poster, usually the very first touchpoint of the guests' overall experience, helps to create the initial awareness for an upcoming event. The first impression will be critical to captivate the guests' attention - whether they will have a strong sense of anticipation leading to the D&D event OR they will just walk away thinking that this year's D&D will follow the usual old style.

An excellent promotional poster clearly conveys a message to the audience. This message should be simple (contain one idea), readable, and well designed.

In this post, we pin-point some of the key points to create a perfect Promotional Poster:

(1) Use of Color: Pleasing color combinations, color use enhanced readability and attractiveness
(2) Layout/Design: Space was used effectively. Graphics and writing were not crowded and the layout was easy to follow
(3) Creativity: Interesting use of materials, color and/or design added to the impact of the poster
(4) Neatness: Poster was free of smudges, had been assembled with care, and writing was neat
(5) Title: Easy to read, captured the idea/topic of the poster
(6) Written Material: Wording was limited and was clear, easy to follow, easy to read from 2’ away, accurate and condensed
(7) Message: Conveyed information about topic
(8) Spelling, Usage, Grammar and Mechanics: Free of spelling mistakes, grammatical and punctuation errors
(9) Graphics/Pictures/Illustrations: Enhanced poster’s impact or message

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