Interesting venues for D&D events

Hotels & Country Clubs are among the most popular venues for Dinner & Dance events. 

Outside these commonly used venues, here are some of the interesting venues we have the privilege to organise events (hope this list will be useful to our friends, D&D committee members, who are currently shortlisting venues for their D&D events):

1. Asian Civilization Museum

2. Botanic Garden (Function Room)
3. Burkill Hall (Botanic Garden)
4. Emily Hill
5. Equinox (Swissotel Level 69)
6. Fort Canning Park
7. Garden by the Bay
8. Jewel Box (Mount Faber)
9. Joyden Hall (Bugis+)
10. Jurong Bird Park
11. Glasshouse @ Sentosa (currently unavailable)
12. National Museum of Singapore
13. Novus (National Museum of Singapore)
14. Republic of Singapore Yacht Club (RSYC)
15. River Safari
16. Singapore Art Museum
17. Singapore Flyer
18. Singapore Zoological Garden
19. Spruce (along Tanglin Road)
20. The Art House
21. The Star Vista
22. Yan Palace (Warren Country Club)
23. Zaferano (Ocean Financial Center Level 43)

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