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Kao Lee "The Celebration" Dinner & Dance

Event: Kao Lee "The Celebration" Dinner & Dance Date: January 2011 Venue: Changi Village Hotel       Cocktail Reception commenced with Caricuture Drawing and Acoustic Duo "Live" Band performances to set the mood.   The evening show started with the formal Opening Address and Long-Service Prize presentation. As the evening progressed, the female compere was able to engage everybody with table games involving every guest participation to achieve certain objectives.   One of the evening highlights was the Belly Dance & Drum show which really got everybody excited. Some of the male guests were invited up on stage to learn the drumming while some of the female guests were invited on stage to learn simple belly dance routine. The guests had a lot of fun when the male and female guests were asked to switch roles - with one the male guests got carried away so much that he almost turned the segment into his personal showtime!   Overall: Go